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Supermarket Tour Guide

Revised 2012

Plan a successful supermarket tour business with this step-by-step guide that includes sections on Marketing, Financial Planning, Conducting the Tour, Aisle-by-Aisle Teaching Modules, Concluding the Tour, and Evaluating the Tour. The extensive Appendix includes sample letters for supermarkets, physicians, food editors; examples of newsletter articles, press releases and forms for gift certificates, responses, and evaluation tools. The Aisle-by-Aisle Teaching Modules cover 8 areas of the supermarket and come with 15 copy ready Tip Sheets.

Beyond the Supermarket Tour--Marketing Nutrition in the Supermarket provides information and examples of successful nutrition education programs being offered in supermarkets plus tips for getting started.

A copyright permission is provided for the purchaser of this product. The copyright is for the purchaser to use in educating their clients and is not transferable. If you require a license agreement to cover more than one educator, please contact

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TTKD   Tour Training Guide - Download
Single Site/Single User - $99.00
Single Site/Multi Users - $247.50
Multi Sites/Multi Users - $1237.50
(limited to 10 sites in same company)

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