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For Hospitals

Bundle Pricing

Supermarket Savvy offers bundle pricing for hospital systems in addition to our single site/multi user and multi-site/multi user copyright options. We can help identify your needs for patient education products, and offer a creative solution that will work within your budget.

We will work with your materials management department to provide information needed to create a purchase order, and will comply with hospital purchasing guidelines. If your product review committee needs to review the product prior to purchase, we will send a copy for review prior to purchase.

VA Compliance

Veterans Administration (VA) clinics and hospitals have purchased products via purchase order issued by their purchasing department. We are not yet registered in SAM although we are working on it. We can provide a DUNS number and other information needed in order to sell to VA facilities, and are compliant with all regulatory guidelines for selling to the VA.


Supermarket Savvy products are not for use on hospital websites. They may not be used as a marketing tool without prior permission. Individual copyright permission is granted to the dietitian who purchases the product. If you require additional copyrights to cover more than one educator, please contact us.

When in doubt, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.