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Licensing Agreement

Single User

Supermarket Savvy has had an honor system with dietitians since 1985. All our educational tools come with a license for the nutrition professional that purchases the product to make copies and distribute to his/her patients. The copyright is for that person only and is not transferrable. You can make as many copies as you like to distribute to your patients, but you may not share it with multiple dietitians for use with their patients. It does not allow the purchaser to post content on a website or use the content as a marketing tool for a hospital, institution, supermarket or business. When in doubt, please contact us!

Multi Users

We offer a single site/multi users option on some of our products for hospitals with multiple dietitians so that a product may be shared among the dietitians on the team. We also offer a multi users/multi sites option for large systems with multiple hospitals, clinics or supermarket chains that have dietitians at multiple sites.

We are here to help and want to offer an affordable option for your team. Contact us and we will design a creative solution to meet your needs and budget.